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Learning Enrichment Around iPads



As a 21st century learning community, Morayfield East State School is committed to meeting the needs of our students in this rapidly-changing Knowledge Age which is driven by digital technology.
 As educators we know that the iPad is a flexible, open-ended and engaging form of digital technology for enriching our students’ learning experiences.
The iPad inspires student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Having a specialised iPad program at our school, cultivates a technology-rich environment where our students are excited and curious about learning.
Currently, Morayfield East State School’s specialised iPad program,
LEAP - Learning Enrichment Around iPads -
is a component of the Prep-Year 4 learning programs and an optional lunchtime learning opportunity for Year 5 and 6 students.


To assist students to
• Develop deeper and higher-order critical and creative thinking
• Develop skills with the iPad functions and a wide range of iPad apps
• Develop a heightened sense of learner ownership, excitement and curiosity throughout the learning opportunities/adventures
• Enrich relationships through learning alliances, trust and respect
• Develop authentic 21st century life and career skills as innovative agile learners.

Learning Environment

The LEAP classroom (referred to as the LEAP hub) is an agile learning environment, offering flexibility - physically, cognitively and socially. Instead of traditional classroom desks and chairs, the LEAP has couches, beanbags, ottomans and lily pad cushions.
LEAP’s non-traditional classroom furniture and the mobile technology used – the iPad - are both flexible, therefore the environment can be configured and re-configured to suit different learning styles and needs. This dynamic agile learning environment readily creates a community of inquiry and elicits, inspires, recognises, develops, enriches and values
• Critical thinking
• Creative thinking
• Cogent thinking
• Caring thinking
• Communication, and
• Collaboration

Implementation of LEAP:

• LEAP is delivered to Prep classes for one hour each week.
• LEAP is delivered to Year 1-4 classes for thirty minutes per week.
• LEAP is offered to Year 5 and 6 students twice a week as a lunchtime elective.
• At LEAP there are 1:1 iPads. Each student is assigned a specific iPad and that same iPad is used by that student at each lesson. This creates within the student, a powerful sense of ownership of both the exciting technology and their own work. This results in a heightened sense of pride and a desire to strive for personal excellence.
• Most LEAP lessons’ topics are connected to curriculum topics.
• As LEAP students become more confident and skilled with the array of features offered through the iPad, they are encouraged to self-determine how they will use the iPad to accomplish a given task.

• LEAP uses the Apple TV device as a quick and effective means for sharing iPad content, both video and sound, with others in the room. This is a valuable tool for teaching, learning, collaboration and agile learning environments. With Apple TV, both teacher and students can share directly from their iPad at any time and from anywhere within the room.