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Library monitors


Library Monitors

If you are in Grade 4, 5,  or 6 and you like to be organised, are responsible, enjoy helping others and learning new skills, then being a library monitor might be just the job for you. Library Monitors hold a leadership position in our school and have set responsibilities in the library.

Attitude and skills required

• Being prepared to give some lunch breaks to help in the library - library monitors are rostered on a minimum of two lunch breaks per week, you can volunteer for others after talking with the Teacher-Librarian

• Willing to take on library monitor responsibilities (see below)

• Being polite and helpful

• Being a team worker

• Being organised

• Showing an interest in promoting the library

• Showing attention to details

• Participating in library activities such as library competition and displays.

Expectations of a library monitor:

• To be responsible for helping to keep the library a safe, welcoming place where people can come to work, read a book, play a game, be with friends.

• To demonstrate excellent Library Monitor behaviours – modelling library rules

• To attend rostered duties. Library monitors are responsible for showing up at their scheduled time. If you are unable to show up for some reason you need to let the library staff know, except if you are at home sick.

• To listen to directions from library staff

• To do library jobs to best ability

• To be polite and prompt with assistance

• To ask library staff for help if I am unsure what to do

• To attend Library Monitor meetings

Library monitor jobs:

• Assist students with computer log-on, shutting down and making sure computers are put in correct place.

• Assist students using games – handing out, packing up, tidying games shelves at end of break

• Hand out colouring-in paper and assisting with colouring-in pack up at the end of break

• Help to keep the library space well presented - tidy book shelves – push in chairs, put lost hats in lost property box etc.

• Shelve books in correct locations

• Assist with library displays, library competitions and other activities.

Library Monitors will be given a timetable for lunch time rosters. Keep this in a safe place so you can check when you are helping. If Library Monitors keep missing their rosters or do not follow library rules they will not be able to continue in the role and will need to return their badge.