School hours


Office Hours

8:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday

Daily schedule and bell times (Monday to Friday)

Time Routine
8:45am Warning bell, teachers collect students from line up area
8:50am Morning session begins and roll marked
10:50am Eating time for students
11:00am Play time
11:30am Warning bell, play time ends, toilet, drink and line up
11:35am Teachers collect students from line up area
11:35am Middle session for all students
1:35pm Eating time for students
1:45pm Play time
2.05pm Warning bell, play time ends, toilet, drink and line up
2:10pm Teachers collect students from line up area
2:10pm Afternoon session for students
3:00pm End of school day

Arriving at school

Your child has a better opportunity to perform well if they arrive at school on time to prepare for the school day and formal instruction which begins at 8:50am.

For this reason we ask all parents/carers to ensure children arrive at school prior to the 8.50 start time. Gates to the school open at 8:30am.

Students are required to sit in their assigned under cover area until the teacher arrives to collect them.

Departure from school

Students are dismissed at 3:00pm.  Once dismissed, students are to proceed home or attend afternoon programs as directed by their parents/carers.

Students are to report to the office if they are not collected at the 3pm dismissal time.

Parents/carers who collect students each afternoon in private vehicles are asked to ensure that their children are not left waiting for long periods after they have been dismissed.

Please ensure the service provided by the pedestrian crossing and crossing supervisor is used and that our students are safe at all times.

Parents are asked not to drive into the school for safety reasons.

Early Departure from School

Parents/carers wishing to collect students from school early are required to:

  • Advise the school by note or phone of the intended early collection the day of, or prior to, the day of early collection. 
  • Report to the Administration Office upon arrival to sign the child out.  An Early Departure Authorisation slip will be issued.
  • Present the Early Departure Authorisation slip to the classroom teacher when collecting the child.

If a person other than the parents/carers is to collect a child early from school, they will require identification and need to be listed on your child’s file as an approved emergency contact or family member. 

Late Arrival at School

Children who arrive at school after 8:55am must report to the office to collect a Late Arrival Authorisation slip before going to their classroom.

Year Level Assembly (Friday)

Time Year Level
9:00am Prep - Year 2 Even Weeks
9:00am Year 3 - Year 6 Odd Weeks
Whole School Parade (as advised)
Note: Year Level Assembly are not conducted during the last week of each term. These are replaced by the Whole School Assembly.

Whole School Assembly

A whole school assembly is held in the last week of each term. These are held at 9:00am. Please see the newsletter or website calendar for exact dates.
Parents and carers are invited to attend assembly to celebrate our students’ success and to keep informed of school life generally.

Please Note:

Due to our duty of care responsibilities we actively discourage requests to allow students to leave our care to make their own way home unsupervised by an adult during class time.  Therefore, written or verbal requests from parents/carers for students to be released early will be referred to the Principal or Deputy Principal where arrangements will be negotiated with the parent/carer by phone.
Last reviewed 16 February 2021
Last updated 16 February 2021