Library Information

Library Hours

Open for students at  9 am to 3 pm 

Open first break.

Open during second break for silent reading.

Students are welcome at the library during second break to borrow, read, play games, and enjoy a quiet place with their friends.

Before and after school students can have a quiet place to catch up on homework, borrow, read or play chess.

Library Resources

Students can borrow from Junior Fiction, Easy Fiction, Fiction, and  Non-Fiction.

They are also able to make use of the library resources such as Reference  books and   games.

Student Borrowing

  • Prep students – 1 Junior Fiction book
  • Year 1 – 1 Junior Fiction or Non-Fiction book
  • Year 2 – 1  Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction Book
  • Year 3 – 1 Fiction and2 Non-Fiction  or vice versa
  • Year 4 to 6 – 2 Fiction books and 2 Non-fiction books

Loans are for two weeks but books can be renewed if more reading time is needed. Books cannot be borrowed if there are outstanding loans.  Books can reserve for students, just let the library staff know the name of the book that is of interest.

Students in years 4,5 or 6 can borrow books over the school holidays during the school year. All books must be returned at the end of the year. There is no student borrowing over the summer holidays.

For students with different reading requirements the above can be altered, please discuss with library staff. For students with different reading requirements the above can be altered, please discuss with library staff.

Library Bags

All students need to have a library bag to carry their books between home and school. This can be as simple as a plastic shopping bag (as long as it will protect our books from being damaged).

Overdue Books

Notices are sent out regularly each term to remind students of overdue items. Once an item has been overdue for a lengthy period of time a letter is given to the student to take home outlining options for a book that is not returned.

Library Monitors

Twice a year students are invited to become Library Monitors. Successful students are trained to help in the library in a leadership role.

Special Events

  • Book Week – Usually held around the third week in August.
  • Book Week is a Nation-wide celebration organised by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA). The CBCA organises the annual Children’s Book of the Year Awards. Each year they select books, from the many put forward, for a short-list in the categories of – picture book, early childhood, younger readers, older readers and non-fiction. During Book Week the winner of each category is announced, they are usually found in weekend editions of various newspapers. Some of these short-listed books and winners are in our library and will be featured leading up to and during our Book Week celebrations. Book Week provides an opportunity to celebrate a love of books and reading. It is an important week in the school’s calendar.
  • National Literacy and Numeracy Week – Held during Term 3. Our school celebrates with activities involving student, staff and the community. Activities vary each year and are advertised to the community leading up to the events.
  • Book Fair – Usually held in Term 4. Book Fair brings the book store to school. Students get a chance to view books in class time and shop with their families before or after school.
Last reviewed 01 May 2020
Last updated 01 May 2020